Why I wear a hat

Of all the unsolicited advice I have, there is none better than this:

                                                                                                wear a hat, young man.

                                    embrace The World

When you walk, show me your ideas matter.

            Don’t hide your eyes.

                                    You helped create It.

            Every person, every event, every run-down building tells Your Story.

                                    Be Proud of It.

See, The World is an unlimited number of problems to solve and stories to tell.

            Don’t look away from The World

                                    although It could be better

Experience The World. Judge others and expect Them to Judge You. Let your cause be noble, your power be pure; your morals be solid.           

                                                                                                Start feeling secure.

            Look me in the eye.

            Show me you accept failure.

            but do not fear it,

Better to give your best effort and fail then not give your best effort.

            Show me you have an Idea about how to fix The World.

                                    Look at The World.

                                    Experience The World the way we do.

                                    Only then can you start taking steps to change It.                                                                                                                                    And start wearing a hat.

Because you’ll feel fucking stupid trying to shield your eyes with your hand.


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